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Yoga is so much more than your physical practice.  And so is your wellness.  


That's why we are dedicated to teaching our community a collection of natural solutions for you and your loved ones to stay well and feel good!


Take control of your health at home by learning how to use safe, effective & affordable natural solutions with these upcoming classes & events.


Can't make a class?  Scheduled a complimentary wellness consult instead!

Email Brandi to find a time that works for you.


Join us virtually from your phone or computer to learn how to address 80% of your health needs from the comfort of your own home.

MONDAYS @ 6:00 PM cst.

WEDNESDAYS @ 12:00 PM cst.

SATURDAYS @ 9:30 AM cst.

Email us for the quick link to join!

PS - it is wayyy more fun to have a personal travel-size oil pack to use during the 30-min class. 

Request* a travel-pack!

*travel pack is free, shipping is $5


Because you're investing in your health, we're investing in you!


In addition to the previous class schedule, you're also invited to join us virtually w/ ongoing continuing education about how, when & why to use your essential oils, supplements & other natural solutions you choose so that you can incorporate them confidently & conveniently into your daily routine.

WEDNESDAYS @ 7:00 PM cst.

THURSDAYS @ 12:00 PM cst.

SATURDAYS @ 9:00 AM cst.

SATURDAYS @ 10:30 AM cst.

What are the topics?

Find out at this month's blog post + calendar!

PS - you are MORE than welcome to invite your friends + fam to any class or workshop too! It's always exciting to teach to all levels of experience.


  • Zen Gen Essentials
  • Zen Gen Essentials
  • Beyond Lavender - private group
  • Zen Gen Essentials
  • Zen Gen Essentials
  • Zen Gen Essentials
  • Beyond Lavender - private group
  • Zen Gen Essentials

"Why doTERRA?"' you might ask.

And there's more.


#1 Take control of your financial freedom by building a pipeline of residual revenue.


#2 Share what you love by simple referrals and get some (or all!) of your oils + products paid for!


-- -- --

Hop on over to our Financial Wellness page to learn more about #1


Send us a simple email to let us know you're interested in #2

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