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Compliment your yoga practice and enhance your overall wellness with personalized guidance on using

Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils.  

Save on a collection with these options below, or browse & shop here!

Want access to our community & resources without all the oils right away? Simply join today for only $35 and purchase your choice of products later, including our new Targeted Wellness Programs!

home essentials.png

Home Essentials

Which is exactly what it is.

Essentials for your home.

And the whole family.

healthy habits zen gen essentials.png

Healthy Habits

That help you feel a difference!

No joke.

It's actually really rewarding!


Aroma Essentials

AKA the

kick-toxins-to-the-curb collection, which is SUPER important for your [family's] overall health.

natural solutions zen gen essentials.png

Natural Solutions

So you can dive in and get the BIGGEST savings on both your dollar, and your wellness.

(Instead of going to WF or WM)

healthy start zen gen essentials.png

Healthy Start

To get you going and help you address 80% of your [family's] health needs at home.

Yes please!

simple solutions zen gen essentials.png

Simple Solutions

So you can wade-in with just enough to get you going, and then be able to add more to your home healthcare tool box as you go!

Each of these kits includes access to personalized guidance from a Certified doTERRA Essential Oil Specialist along with a handful of community resources including private Facebook groups with essential oil usage hacks, DIY's & weekly giveaways plus online continuing wellness education including topics such as:

  • Women's Health & Hormones

  • Toxin-Free Living

  • Pain Management

  • Oils for Every Age

  • and so many more!

  • Zen Gen Essentials
  • Zen Gen Essentials
  • Beyond Lavender - private group
  • Zen Gen Essentials
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