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Yoga Parties provide a fun-filled, healthy way to celebrate the growing body and mind (at any age)!


Kids can have fun with friends while they play with yoga poses, breathing techniques, zen stories and mindful moments in a safe and eco-friendly environment. 

Adults get to mindfully move, breathe, relax & chit chat while enjoying the company of close friends and loved ones in a cozy space that feels like home without the clean up!


Our parties are designed to fit your needs, so we are happy to accommodate all ages and levels.  Email us at to learn more and book your unique party today!

Our unique birthday parties include:

  • 1.5 hours at our homey yoga studio.  Approximately 45-60 minutes of special party yoga (depending on age group), plus 30-45 minutes for cake, drinks, gifts and/or add-on projects (see our project pricing categories below).

  • Party entertainment and management, and clean up so that you can enjoy the party along with your child and/or guests!

  • Exclusive use of the studio, including kitchen and community room, for the duration of the party, along with all mats, props and sound equipment.

  • Access to the studio 30 minutes prior to complete set up and decorate if desired.  Please contact us at for additional set up/decorating time.

  • Tables & folding chairs, reusable plastic cups, matches and a serving knife will be provided for your convenience.

  • Option to have a picnic style setup where the kiddos get to eat on a “picnic blanket” on the floor instead of using chairs and tables.


Parents/guardians/hosts supply:

  • Food

  • Cake & candles

  • Drinks (BYOB for adults if desired - we have 4 wine glasses available to use)

  • Tablecloths (at least 2)

  • Paper & plastic goods (preferably compostable)

  • High chairs/booster seats if needed

  • Decorations if desired

90-minute party: $179


Ages 1-5: maximum of 8 participants – any child in this age group must be accompanied by an adult

Ages 6+: maximum of 10 participants

Adults: maximum of 10 participants


$30 per additional 30 minutes of social, food/cake and gift opening time (additional time from add-on projects is complimentary).




Add-on projects are creative, age appropriate and fun!  They can also be tailored to any theme and budget!  No need for a goodie bag when your guests leave with something fun they created on their own! 

Project Categories (pricing includes all kids):

  • $20 projects

    • Face Painting – a child favorite as well as an exciting way to commemorate the occasion and bring everyone together!

    • Customized Giant Birthday Card – an enormous birthday card crated exclusively for the birthday boy or girl!  Supplies will be provided for guests to decorate, sign, and personalize.  A great keepsake for your son or daughter.

  • $30 projects

    • Birthday Banner – this is a special gift created just for the birthday boy or girl!  A modern take on the Tibetan prayer flag, supplies will be provided for guests to decorate a fabric square in honor of the celebrated.  Each square will be strung together memorable keepsake commemorating the guest of honor.

    • A Magic Wand – supplies will be provided and children will be encouraged to create their own wands, as well as their own magic!  An exciting way to invite creativity and imagination to the party!

  • $40 projects

    • No Sew Eye Pillow – each party guest will leave with this tranquil parting gift!  Supplies will be provided for kids to create their own no-sew lavender eye pillow.  Made with silly socks filled with rice, lavender essential oil, and real lavender flowers, these peaceful pillows will be a hit!

    • Zen-dough – each child will receive this magically calming play-dough created with natural ingredients, a special blend of essential oils, dried flowers/herbs, and of course, glitter!

    • Calm Down Jars – give your guests a calming present with this creative project.  Supplies will be provided for kids to create their very own calm down jar.  Jars can be created to fit any party theme and are a great way to commemorate the event!

  • $50 projects

    • Movie Theater - come in your PJ's (or bring them to change into) for a ​PJ style yoga class before a movie of your choice, projected overhead with surround sound speakers, yummy popcorn and blankets galore!  Feel free to bring extra items to cozy up with!




Adults need some fun too!

  • $20 add-on's

    • Me-Time – while the kiddos get bendy in one room, use our props and space to take some much-needed time for yourself.  This 30-45 minutes can be used for meditation, breathing exercises, stretching, or even a mini flow that feels good for your body.  This class is unguided, and only available if the children fit in the small studio, or if there are a limited number of adults for the older age kids, but is a wonderful way to take a break in between the festivities!

  • $30 add-on's

    • Adult Yoga – just like the Me-Time, you’ll have 30-45 minutes to yourself while the kids get their yoga on in the other room.  The different of this class though, is that you’ll have a teacher too!  Let one of our experienced and inviting instructors guide you through our signature Hatha Vinyasa Flow letting you relax and rejuvenate for the rest of the eventful day.  This class is only available if the children fit in the small studio, or if there are a limited number of adults for the older age kids to have everyone fit comfortably in both studios.

    • Make & Take Aromatherapy – each adult will get to feel like a kid while making an essential oil party favor to take home.  Choose between a handful of studio döTERRA oils to create either a roller bottle or room spray filled with potent plant power!

Party Testimonials

"Parents and kids alike felt at home from the moment we arrived.  Everything was thoughtful and hearing the happy sounds from the kid's yoga room while hanging out with other parents in a super comfy space was our favorite part of the experience.  We loved it!"

"We really appreciate the intimate nature of the party as opposed to the larger places with almost too much to do causing everyone to be in different areas doing different things."

"It was the easiest party I ever prepared for."

"Melissa is so great with the kids.  They were super wound up as kids are at birthday parties, and her patience was extraordinary!"


Important Notes

A $50 non-refundable deposit will be required to officially reserve your party date/time.  At least 5 days in advance of party date, we will request the final number of children & adults attending. 

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