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Better late than november!

Get it?

We thought it was [kind of] funny.

Anyway, November had/has SO MANY TREATS that we had to prioritize and choose other income producing activities (IPA's) over this monthly blog post - until now.

Which is just real life!

Can anyone else relate?

So far this month we've had our chance at free Litsea (one of Brandi's favorite oils from the Australian market), BOGO week, and handfuls of holiday shopping events!

As we enter the week of Thanksgiving (yes, this post is that belated), we can invite one another to slow down and get present.

Ask the person you're talking to:

How is your head?

How is your heart?

How is your body?

Where do you see or feel hope?

What can I do to make life a little lighter for you?

Now, when you're going to ask these questions, make sure you have some tools to help support yourself, and your friends + family through what might be some honest, challenging & very helpful conversations.

That's where mindfulness, yoga & essential oils come into play.


This month, we're highlighting the essential oil of Black Spruce.


Because it's 10% off this month, AND because it's both environmentally sustainable and emotionally supportive.

Which is everything we need right now.

Not only willy you want to use this oil on a regular basis for it's versatile benefits, but you'll also want to buy it on a regular basis because of it's unique & sustainable sourcing story.

Check it out!

(it's only 2 minutes)

Learn more and proudly purchase a bottle (or two because your friend or family member would love this thoughtful gift) before the end of the month for the added discount!



We're also putting the spotlight on some yoga poses + mindful practices that will be of service the next few weeks (or months).

Click here to learn:

1) Simple ways of expressing gratitude

2) Using yoga to stoke a thankfulness fire (on a daily basis)

3) What eight yoga poses you'll want to do Thanksgiving morning

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