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Citrus bloom at midnight - it's official

Check. It. Out.

They're finally here!

Citrus Bloom Collection:

~ Hand & Body Lotion

~ Body Wash

~ Foaming Hand Soap

~ Natural Deodorant

~ FREE Citrus Bloom Touch Roller

Midnight Forest + Midnight Piot:

~ Oil Blend Only

~ Oil Blend + Portable Diffuser

Let's break these down just a bit!


The Citrus Bloom Springtime blend carries the fresh scent of both citrus and floral oils carefully chosen to bring the familiar feeling and fragrance of spring. Remember: anything purchased in May is still a mother's day gift.

Wild Orange is renowned for its ability to elevate and energize the mood. Like the other citrus oils, it is also cleansing and purifying.

Grapefruit is also known for its energizing and invigorating aroma. It's frequently used in skin care for its purifying properties.

The aroma of Lavender is unmistakable and beloved. One of its most notable qualities is its calming and relaxing effects. It is soothing both to the mind and skin.

Roman Chamomile and Magnolia are both commonly found in perfumes. Both Roman Chamomile and Magnolia have calming effects and can help ease feelings of stress.

The citrus oils of Citrus Bloom provide it with its encouraging, refreshing qualities while the “Bloom” (floral) oils in Citrus Bloom help reduce feelings of anxiousness and tension. The blend simultaneously promotes feelings of tranquility and cheerfulness.

Product Details:

  • Citrus Bloom™ Collection: SKU 60216767 Wholesale $47.50 | 30 PV Retail $63.33 Limit 2 Receive a Citrus Bloom 10mL Touch free when you purchase the collection!

  • Citrus Bloom Foaming Hand Wash & Pump: SKU 60212234 Wholesale $15.00 | 10 PV Retail $23.33 Limit 5

  • Citrus Bloom Deodorant: SKU 60211289 Wholesale $9.25 | 5 PV Retail $11.67 Limit 5

  • Citrus Bloom Lotion: SKU 60211849 Wholesale $18.00 | 15 PV Retail $24.00 Limit 5


On the flip side, the aroma of Midnight Forest blend is like being enveloped in the trees of a dense, wooded landscape.

Crisp, fresh, earthy, woody, and grounding, diffusing this blend is like bathing in the scent of a forest. This oil is going to be a new favorite, and it’ll make an excellent Father’s Day gift (solo, or paired w/ the portable diffuser)!

Here's what's inside:

Common Uses:

~ Use three to four drops in your diffuser for a fresh and peaceful atmosphere

~ Apply to your toothbrush before brushing your teeth for healthy gums and fresh breath

~ Apply topically to create a calm, relaxing setting

~ Add to Fractionated Coconut Oil to enhance a comforting massage

~ Add to your epsom salt bath

And don't forget about the Midnight Pilot Portable Diffuser!

That can go everywhere you do! Take it with you in the car, to work, from room to room, or even outside! Wherever you go, the Pilot is standing by, ready to diffuse your favorite essential oils (and is made from eco-friendly materials!) which means you couldn't ask for a more responsible companion.

*Customizable output—four hour continuous and up to eight hours of intermittent diffusion.

Product Details:

  • Midnight Forest 15mL+ Midnight Pilot SKU 60215542 Wholesale $59.50 | 25 PV Retail $79.33 Limit 5

  • Midnight Forest 15mL: SKU 60215541 Wholesale $34 | 34 PV Retail $45.33 Limit 5


Product Details Aside:

These promotions will most definitely sell out, so be sure to login to your doTERRA account first thing Monday and place your special order!

There are a few ways you can do that:

  1. Add them to your current May LRP order and "Process Today". (this is a good choice if you have not processed your order yet this month)

  2. Add them to a new LRP order, "Process Today", and then delete after it processes. (this is a good choice if you already have a current LRP order set up for June and don't want to mess with it but still want your shipping + rewards points)

  3. Add them to a new LRP order, "Process Today", and keep it to edit for next month. (this is a good choice if you do not currently have an Loyalty Rewards order and would like to start getting extra rewards, rebates & freebies)

  4. Add them to a One-Time order (this is a good choice if you don't mind paying shipping w/out getting those $4 in rewards back)

If you're not a current customer of ours, simply choose one of the options below!

  1. Purchase at Retail (most expensive)

  2. Purchase at Wholesale (best for long-term savings)

  3. Purchase w/ a Starter Kit (biggest discount + long-term savings)

Visit our site and search for what you want (come Monday), or

Send us an email for a custom quick link to order!



Add them in the comments!

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