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Emotional support for this school year

Updated: Aug 17, 2020

With school starting (or on pause!) all over the nation, schedules disrupted, plans changed, new policies in place, these changing times can feel like a lot - especially for our children.

A quick way to help your student start the school day (at home or away) off right is by grabbing a favorite (or new!) emotional support oil, apply over their heart and back of neck, and say a quick affirmation with them. Combining oils and positive affirmations brings multiple senses together to ANCHOR the intention for the day. Takes less than 20 seconds, apply at breakfast or in the car.

Here are some ideas, feel free to adjust for your family's values:

I am loved.

I am taken care of.

I am safe.

I can handle anything that comes my way.

I am confident.

I am at peace.

Everything works out for my good.

If I can dream it I can do it.

I am full of life.

I know who I am.

Here are some favorite emotional oils to combine with affirmations:














💧Citrus Bliss

If you don't yet have these oils yet in your home, visit our Zen Gen Essentials page to change that!

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