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Essential school supplies

For everyone.

And for everything.

(okay maybe not evvverything)

But close!


Side note: just imagine if everyone were as excited about getting [the kids] back to school as this little one.

That would be one heck of a first day!

(for both kids & grown ups)


Okay, back to the purpose of this post: Essential School Supplies

This is what we packed for school, and why:

A few things from the video - in order:

Note: underlined items are clickable

A few things I missed because as you can see I was given only a sliver of time to chat with you:

  • CorrectX - which will be used as an all-purpose ointment mainly for any scrapes, cuts or other skin issues

  • On Guard Hand Sanitizing Mist - one in each of their backpacks plus the car, and a few for the school

  • On Guard Hand Soap + Dispenser - to restock at home and to gift to school, especially since proper handwashing is on the pre-school syllabus

  • Supplements - for both kids (a2z multi + pbAssist Jr.) and grown ups (LLV + pbAssist + TerraZyme) as a foundation of health no matter what time of year it is

And a few others I might have missed because I'm just one person:

(not so much from the first graphic - can you tell I have toddlers?)

See something you want/need?

Simply login to your doTERRA account and [re]order, or head on over to our Essentials page and choose a back-to-school starting point that's right for you!

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