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Feel supported & strong through change

Because let's face it: change is coming.

As it always does!

So, we're going to focus on how we can feel supported, centered, strong, and able to adapt when needed.


Let's start with yoga - because nature has designed us to live in our fight, flight or freeze (fff) state a majority of the time, and we want to find a way to flow. Try a few of these postures by making up your own mini-flow so that you can focus on your creative side for even five minutes, taking you OUT of that fff zone!

  • Seated cat/cow

  • Downward facing dog

  • Child's pose

  • Mountain pose

  • Low lunge (both sides)

  • Forward fold

  • Tree pose (both sides)

Want to show off your skills because you're PROUD of yourself? Or someone else?

SHARE your mini-flow on social media and tag @zengenyoga so we can celebrate you too!

PS - you can add in other poses not listed above too!


Let's add some oils - because more and more research is showing us that they work WITH our bodies on a chemical and biological level! Pure & potent oils that is. AKA: doTERRA essential oils. (seriously, there is not another essential oil company on the market that has clean oils because of synthetic additives or adulteration - send us an email and we can send you the research!) If you have doTERRA oils, use these hourly:

  • Adaptiv - calming blend

  • Stronger - protective blend (see #4 at the bottom of this post)

  • Balance - grounding blend

  • Align - centering blend

  • Lavender - sourced from France & Bulgaria

  • Wild Orange - sourced from Greece & Brazil

If you don't have doTERRA oils, GET SOME! They are life changing and such a powerful form of home-healthcare that you can confidently use because we are always here to help educate you (in addition to the loads of resources from others like me, and doTERRA themselves). Easily choose a starter kit to get going, or send us an email to customize your first bundle!

PS - there's always EXTRA freebies so don't forget to ask!

PSS - there's even a $50 special this month too - see #6 below!


Let's close with some specials - because back to school season is expensive! Our girls are starting school for the first time next month (excuse me while I jump up and down with excitement and cry all at the same time) and we went school supply shopping at Target and it was SO fun and SO pricey! I'll do another post soon with our version of back to school supplies...but until then, here are some savings to take advantage of in August:


#1) Back-to-School Essentials - because we want SAFE options in our homes and in our schools to reduce toxins while kicking those germs goodbye. PRO TIP: get an extra set for your child(ren)'s classroom!

$50 wholesale // $66.67 retail


#2) Summer Citrus Duo - because it's still summer, because citrus oils are great for change, and because 100% of the purchase price goes to Healing Hands Foundation.

$20 wholesale // $26.67 retail

Both of these oils are not regularly available for purchase so get them while you can!

Fun Fact: both of these oils come from the same fruit, just harvested at different times based on how ripe the Mandarin fruit is.

Click the button below to learn more about the uses and benefits of these two beautiful oils, AND to learn more about the benefits and story behind doTERRA's non-profit, Healing Hands.


#3) 15% Off Spearmint - because its the perfect end of summer oil, as you can see.

Plus it mixes great with citrus oils (hello summer duo from above).

You can purchase wholesale or retail and still get the discount.

If you don't know how to purchase wholesale but want to, send an email or social media message our way and we can send you a quick link to order exactly what you want.

Just let us know!


#4) Stronger - because it was such a hit when it came around last season!

You can usually get this rockstar of a blend in a pre-diluted roller found in the Kid's Collection, but last season they introduced it as an undiluted oil in a 5 mL bottle so you can use it WAY more!

It's one of our family favorites and a blend that gets used daily by kids and adults.

And it's only $20!

Stock up while you can because who knows if it will be available again next month!


#5) Harvest Spice - because like it or not, fall is right around the corner, and when it does hit, you want ALL the cozy autumn feels, including that spicy, warm aroma lingering in the air.

A few ways we like to use it:

  • simply diffuse

  • add to water in a spray bottle for a room spray

  • give as a gift (usually made as a room spray)

  • add a drop to your scarf for an on-the-go diffuser (make sure it's an area that won't stain)

  • add to pulse points as a personal fragrance

  • smell before attending or hosting gatherings

Again, stock up while you can because who knows if it will be available next month!


#6) New Member $50 Enrollment Special - because it's our mission to get doTERRA oils in every home, and this helps us do that!

So basically, you can keep it simple and choose a starter kit to get the $50 doterra dollars,

Or, you can customize your own $150+ order and get the $50 doterra dollars!

And there is SO much you can get in September (or later) with that free $$

Oils, yes.

But also household cleaners, toothpaste, deodorant, chapstick, shampoo, skincare, supplements, even protein & nutrition powders!

So, yes. This is DEFINITELY the time to join our community if you haven't already.

You can take control of your health and make. it. simple. for you and your family.

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