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Health & wellness gift ideas

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

This year's holiday season is a bit different, just like everything else.

Which means, this year's gifts can also be a bit different, including a fun theme of health & wellness for the recipient AND for our planet!

Here are some ideas for anyone & everyone that you want to share a smile with this holiday season :)


1) Holiday Essential Oils & Accessories

It's that time of year again! Bring doTERRA home for the holidays with these 17 brand-new, beautiful products to help you find something for everyone on your list (and hopefully something for you too). Cozy blends, unique diffusers, household items, eco-friendly packaging and more can be found in this year’s doTERRA holiday product lineup.

*available November 2nd while supplies last



2) Virtual Yoga

Perfect for friends & family who are looking for something fun & healthy to do together - or separately - while staying cozy & safe at home. As a family-style mobile yoga service, we proudly offer virtual classes for all ages!

Special Blog Pricing: $45 for a 45-minute virtual yoga class*

Email to purchase your virtual yoga gift card today!

*mention the Special Blog Pricing in your email for the $15 discount!


3) Customized Wellness for a Week, a Month, or a Year!

For as low as $35, give the gift of routine wellness in the form of:

  1. Aa gift certificate with a specified amount for them to be able to choose which oils or products they want.

  2. An annual doTERRA Wholesale Membership which gives them 25% off everything for twelve months.

  3. An enrollment kit which gifts them a collection of oils on top of the annual wholesale membership!

Each of these options include a personal wellness consultation, one-on-one education, community resource groups and access to weekly wellness classes on a variety of health topics.

Email to select your Customized Wellness Present today!


4) Other Ideas For The...

Budget Conscious

Outdoor Enthusiast

Fitness Fanatic

New Mama

Boss Babe

Spa Lover


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