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June = birthdays + broken bones + bug repellant

Did you hear?

I got rollerblades for my birthday!

And then I broke my wrist!


Luckily I've been super supported the entire time and now I get to heal with some fancy hardware that is permanently part of me post-surgery alongside all of my solutions at home! (this is the time where I am THRILLED to have my complimentary and alternative resources at my disposal so I'm not at the mercy of just doctors, prescriptions & side effects)

Because of this new challenge, I ordered my June wellness a bit earlier than last month so I can help myself heal AND let you know what I've been up to.

Check it out:

PSA: I was wrong about the Breathe Touch promo at the end of the video; it is its own 100 pv promo!

This should help clarify:

Melissa is 10% off which means it's only $103.50 versus the traditional $115 AND it's still 90 pv! Which also means it's only 10 points away from getting you your free Breathe Touch! Use this oil for the ultimate immune + skin + emotional support system. It is worth every penny and will last you months, if not years.

Breathe Touch is free with any 100 pv order, including enrollment, retail and wholesale orders! Use this pre-dilluted oil for easy access to open airways.

Wild Orange is free when you place your 125+ pv Loyalty Rewards order by the 15th of the month. Use this oil all three ways to add some zest & happiness to your summer days.

Breathe Oil, Peppermint Oil + Breathe Throat Drops are all free for the final June promo of 200 pv (which means you'll also get the Breathe Touch free too). Use these for prime-time seasonal support - meaning: clear airways, happy tummies, supported skin, soothed throats & repelled insects.

OH - and we have two new permanent oils!!

Both smell AMAZING.

And like the first graphic states, they can be purchased on your LRP order with a pv value of 24.5

EASY JUNE ORDER #1: Melissa oil (90 pv) + one of these blends (24.5 pv) = FREE Breathe Touch

~ earns you $11.40 - $34.20 in rewards ~

EASY JUNE ORDER #2: Melissa oil (90 pv) + two of these blends (49 pv) = FREE Breathe Touch AND Wild Orange if ordered by the 15th

~ earns you $13.90 - $41.70 in rewards ~

EASY JUNE ORDER #3: Melissa oil (90 pv) + two of these blends (49 pv) + Rose Touch (65 pv) = FREE Breathe Touch, Breathe Oil, Peppermint Oil, Breathe Throat Drops AND Wild Orange if ordered by the 15th

~ earns you $20.40 - $61.20 in rewards ~

Why Rose Touch in #3?

Because it has the necessary pv and because it's great for all things summer including skin, hormones, emotions & immunity.

Remember these are just ideas and can be adjusted to fit your needs.

Oh, and that today is the 15th :)

Simply login to place your order and contact me if you need/want to! I would love the conversation since I'm laying low these days. Text, call, email - whatever works for you.


I'll post a schedule of continuing education, events & other fun things coming up shortly!

~ Brandi

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