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If you haven't seen yet, there this (new?) theme of saying "no" in November to things that basically don't align with you and your best self.

Which we can definitely give a round of applause for.

AND, at the same time you're saying "no" to one thing, you're saying "yes" to another.


(big Office fan over here)

In my opinion, it's a nice trend for this time of year.

Especially when things start to feel overwhelming around the holidays.

*cue Dwight meme again*


Another take on this topic is saying no to big-store spending and shop small for the season.

Or, to say no thanks to the icky toxin & frangrance-filled options at the store - for yourself AND for others. Because saying no to harmful ingredients means saying yes to our health and wellbeing, not to mention the longevity of our planet!

So on that note, here are your options for sales & freebies this month that you can practice your yes's & no's on:

Check out more of the Holiday Items on our last blog, or login to your account and Shop Special Offers to see what's all available!

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