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Shop small for the holidays

To us, the holidays are about a whole lot more than just presents.

They're about presence, and patience, and perspective.

Most of us crave the community of our loved ones, which is a gift in of itself.

At the same time, those loved ones can be the best at getting on our last nerve.

Which is why it's important to reflect on our relationships with others, and ourselves.

And maybe for you that means you WANT to buy them presents!

If that's the case, we invite you to see what special Holiday Items we have available and thank you in advance for considering our family when choosing where to shop small this holiday season.

Limited Time Holiday Items

click the arrow on the picture to see more

Most items will be available November 1st

And yes, some will sell out!

But no worries because we can be prepared if you see some things you definitely want to get/give.

If you're already a wholesale customer, you can simply login to your account and order first thing Nov. 1st. (let me know if you want/need help with this by sending me an email or text back) I highly recommend ordering on an LRP order if you plan on getting a few or more items so you can also get 10-30% back in rewards points. (make it part of your monthly order, or create a new LRP w/ the option to cancel before the following month if desired)

If you're not a wholesale customer, you can order too! And you have three choices on how to do so:

1) Pay Retail Prices - which is super easy and cost you just a bit more per item. 25% more to be exact.

2) Add-on a $35 wholesale membership fee and have access to wholesale prices on all items for a whole year!

3) Choose a starter collection to waive the $35 fee and simply add-on any Holiday Items at wholesale pricing!


You most likely are reading this because I sent you a link directly, which means you can simply reply to my message with any questions - I'd be happy to help!

If you are reading this not because I sent you a message, please send an email to to have us help make your holiday shopping easy & enjoyable.

Thank you so much for thinking of our family to support with your purchases this year!


A brief recap for you:

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