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Snow day shenanigans

Our SNOW DAY SHENANIGANS consisted of:

Yoga w/ toddlers.

Watching the snow fall.

Watching the snow get moved.

Watching a variety of things on a variety of screens.


We said it!

So definitely do NOT feel bad if this has been you too.

AND, try these couple of things to make the rest of this snow day (plus more to come) that much better!


1) A simple FLOW for the Whole Family

That works anytime of day.

Try these poses help to balance out the energy in the house this month because if your home is anything like ours, it's a little stir crazy over here.

Yoga helps.


2) A simple VIDEO for the Whole Family

That is accessible anytime of day.

Got 31-minutes?

WHEN you this recorded workshop that we did at the beginning of the month!

It's super fun & engaging & focuses on Stress, Sleep & Emotions for the whole family, which I think we could all use some extra support in at the moment.


Happy shoveling, sledding & snow-blowing!

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