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Stress free summer evenings

And mornings.

And days.

Maybe not all at once, or all the time.

But most definitely more than not.


A few ways:

1) Just diffuse it - the situation and the essential oils, but of course when you diffuse essential oils the stressful situation tends to diffuse itself too. Especially with these special limited time summer blends.

If you don't have oils handy, just diffuse it by focusing of your breath. Inhale; exhale. Inhale; exhale. And keep coming back to that. The breath is a natural diffuser.


2) Bathe in nature - both literally & figuratively. Get outside as much as you can, and simply soak up your surroundings. Notice all the little and large beauties around you, from the flowers to the trees to the sounds of the present moment.

You can also do this by diffusing pure plant extracts throughout your home, workspace or even on-the-go. Because let's face it, we're starting to get busy again and might not be able to make it to the beach or on a bike ride.

It helps to have an eco & essential oil friendly diffuser (which is how you can get Sunny Citrus and Island Mint while supplies last!)

Diffuser Option #1 ~ Roam (left) Just as the name implies, this diffuser is cordless so you can take it from room to room to even outside!

Diffuser Option #2 ~ Dawn (right) This large humidifier + diffuser will go almost all day to help keep the air balanced and smelling great without any icky toxins.

Get all three for just $79.50 wholesale and enjoy these versatile blends all season --> see the graphics at the top of the page for common uses & benefits for both. We are really excited to try Sunny Citrus for the first time!

Simply login to order before they're gone, or click this link if you're not yet part of our community. We'd love to share our knowledge & wellness resources with you!

PS - there are even more diffuser + oil bundles available on top of this Summer Sale! Check it out!


3) Move toward joy - both on and off your yoga mat. It's fun to watch our toddlers triumph through the days; always doing what feels best for them while eager to learn more with a fresh excitement and anchor of courage. And they do it with such ease. Which is why they are a fabulous constant reminder to enjoy each moment as much as possible. And to MOVE. Because man are they always moving.

Yoga helps us move together.

Here are some of our favorite seasonal flows:

~ For those who only have a few minutes ~

~ For those who have little ones ~

~ And for those who have tweens & teens ~


Happy stress-free Sunday!

~ Brandi

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