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These new Wellness Programs are a simple, almost effortless way for you & your family to target specific health goals and get the exact products needed for what you want to achieve delivered straight to your door.


  • Immunity—Protect, strengthen, and respond. Learn More

  • Mind & Mood—Balance, restore, and adapt. Learn More

  • Relief—Comfort, support, and soothe. Learn More

Wellness Programs are a new perk for current doTERRA wholesale members.  When we see you investing in your health, we invest in you!

Did you know you can become a wholesale member for as low as $35?

Visit out Essentials page to learn how & join maybe even join today!


Sounds super cool, right?!

When you do opt in, here is what you can expect from your monthly wellness program(s).


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Whether you are an exercise enthusiast, a supporter of natural beauty products, an aspiring cook, or an advocate for health alternatives, essential oils might just be the product you are looking for. Take this survey to see how doTERRA essential oils could be useful in your everyday life.


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