Amplify your practice or learn the necessary skills to instruct others with an intimate teacher training experience at a cozy space with passionate people.

Global Family Yoga Children's Teacher Training

October 6 

 9 am - 5 pm

October 7 

 12 - 8 pm

at St. Mark's Episcopal Church

(2618 Hackett Ave. MKE)

Children love Yoga! They love the movement and creative expression associated with the asanas, and they cherish the opportunity to “rest” at the end of each class. Based on sound child development principals, the ancient science of Yoga is turned into fun, engaging, age appropriate stuff kids love.

Included in this weekend training are 3 lesson plans (LP) you can use as is and will also learn how to modify them from a basic structure, our signature system for teaching a children's yoga class.

LP #1 Ayurveda in Hundred Acre Wood. Let Pooh Bear and his friends teach kids about their constitution and the 5 elements.

LP #2 Patanjali's Yoga Sutras. Curious how to share yoga philosophy with children? It's all right here.

LP #3 The Great Kapok Tree. Learn how to use both books and ecology in a kids yoga class.

Children experience the same benefits from a Yoga practice as adults – increased body awareness, overall fitness, mental acuity and stress hardiness.


By learning to teach Yoga to children you can help them:

  • Develop strength, flexibility and coordination – of both body and mind

  • Improve focus

  • Raise self-awareness

  • Build self-esteem

  • Release stress

  • Relax completely

  • Breathe well

  • Cultivate healthy habits

  • Generate a sense of inner peace and contentment they can share with the world

The practice of Yoga for children is unsurpassed as a form of preventative health – health on all levels – mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. Through stories and games children develop lifelong healthy habits and are supported in blossoming into their highest potential.

This training includes an introduction to the benefits and specialized techniques of teaching Yoga to children ages 4 years old through teens as well as whole families. We then get to become the children and practice a class just as they do. A question and answer session follows with resources for further study. You will walk away with many tools and techniques to share with the children in your life as well as a deeper understanding of yoga.

Swami Satchidanada, a great spiritual leader said, “Children come into this world very pure. It’s up to the adults to help them stay bright, strong and healthy.”

Saturday, October 6th  9 am - 5 pm

Sunday, October 7th  12 - 8 pm 
Investment in your future and our future generations: $325

You'll receive a certificate of completion to teach Yoga to Children AND it counts as CEU's for Yoga Alliance!

Register before October 1st!






Our trainer is Mira Binzen. She has a degree in child psychology and is a certified yoga and iRest® Yoga Nidra teacher, certified yoga therapist, and co-founder of Global Family Yoga, a teacher-training program based in Chicago, focusing on children and families.  See her pretty smile :) and read more about her background on our team page!

This is a great program for:

  • current yoga teachers looking to share their knowledge with our youth

  • current school teachers seeking to bring mindfulness into their classrooms

  • college students striving to create an outstanding resume and find their passion

  • stay at home parents finally pursuing their purpose

  • caretakers of all kinds craving coping mechanisms and tools to ease tempertantrums

  • anyone else interested in expanding your ripple effect


Currently our service is experiencing a lot of growth in our children's clientele needing more teachers to keep the momentum going and up with the demand!  We can't promise any positions or classes due to scheduling reasons, but we do have a lot of during & after-school opportunities arising at other locations as well as are interested in getting seasonal camps at the churches on top of daily classes!  Because of this growth, we are scheduling our second teacher training in hopes to have more teachers to fill these classes, and also have substitute options for those regular teachers.  Teaching after is completely optional, so you can still feel comfortable coming to the training without the intention to teach right off the bat.

Even if this isn't for you, it might be the perfect thing for a friend or family member, so we would very much appreciate our students spreading the word!


"After a weekend with Mira of Global Family Yoga I felt confident and ready to take on the little yogis of the world! The depth and breadth of her knowledge and experience make for a truly special experience! Mira guides you through the vast universe of teaching yoga to children with essential oils, movement, music, and fun! The amount of resources, support, and knowledge you receive from this training is absolutely incredible. I left with juicy lesson plans as well as a solid handle on how to run, plan, and structure my classes. I would absolutely recommend this training to anyone looking to bridge the gap between our tiny humans and their very own yoga practice!" - Melissa King



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