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ZGY Founder
Adult & Children
's Yoga Instructor

doTERRA Certified Essential Oil Specialist & Educator

Since being introduced to the lifestyle of yoga in 2013 and the doTERRA lifestyle in 2017, Brandi has found teaching yoga & natural wellness to be her light, love and passion in this world.  She believes her purpose is to share that light, love and passion with others creating a positive ripple effect across society.  Because of this, she traveled to Costa Rica in June of 2016 to receive her teaching certification through the Lakshmi Rising School for Yoga and Wellness.  One lesson that Brandi really absorbed was that a good teacher fits the yoga to the student, not the student to the yoga, and has carried that with her back to the States.  Brandi also has a Certificate to teach Children's Yoga from teacher Mira Binzen under Global Family Yoga and has a BBA in Marketing and a Certificate of Entrepreneurship from the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee.   To add to her doTERRA Wellness Advocate credentials, she recently received her essential oil specialist certification as a way to grow personally and professionally.  Wise words & connection inspire Brandi on a daily basis; therefore, she incorporates quotes and phrases into her well-rounded, breath-based yoga classes for all to experience and enjoy as well as relatable stories and facts into her fun & informative natural wellness classes.  Namaste. 

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Ahslee Arendt


Children's Yoga Teacher Trainer

Essential Oil Educator

Business Mentor

As a developmental therapist traveling through India in the mid-nineties, Mira was exploring Yoga for her own interest when an ‘aha’ moment changed the course of her professional work. She discovered the practice to be an exquisite way for both children and adults to integrate their sensory experiences while cultivating awareness, balance and openness in both body and mind. It was on her first trip to India in 1995 that she also discovered the potency and potential of essential oils.  Mira Binzen has a degree in child psychology from the University of Minnesota.  She is certified to teach both children and adults, and is registered at the 500-hour level with Yoga Alliance. She is also a certified Yoga Therapist and incorporates aromatherapy into her work with children and families.  Her blend of playfulness and professionalism provides a fun, inviting and informational Aromatherapy environment that is accessible to all.

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