Adult and Children
's Yoga Instructor

Since being introduced to the lifestyle of yoga in 2013, Brandi has found yoga to be her light, love and passion in this world.  She believes her purpose is to share that light, love and passion with others creating a positive ripple effect across society.  Because of this, she traveled to Costa Rica in June of 2016 to receive her teaching certification through the Lakshmi Rising School for Yoga and Wellness.  One lesson that Brandi really absorbed was that a good teacher fits the yoga to the student, not the student to the yoga, and has carried that with her back to the States.  Brandi also has a Certificate to teach Children's Yoga from teacher Mira Binzen under Global Family Yoga and has a BBA in Marketing and a Certificate of Entrepreneurship from the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee.   Wise words inspire Brandi on a daily basis; therefore, she incorporates quotes and phrases into her well-rounded, breath-based yoga classes for all to experience and enjoy.  Namaste. 


Children's Yoga Instructor

Melissa has been a nurturer and care giver to children throughout her life, the last five years as a pre-school teacher in Milwaukee. In 2016 Melissa became a certified yoga teacher through Kidding Around Yoga, a program that specializes in teaching traditional elements of yoga to children through play. Seeing children at peace within themselves is why she chose to take her gifts of connection and teaching in this direction. What started as a way to bring this special practice into her classroom, quickly grew into a passion to bring this life changing potential to children everywhere. While her personal yoga journey started in high school as a natural way to alleviate anxiety, it has grown into a way of life and is helping to build a strong and joyful future. Guiding children to find a safe and empowering place within themselves, and teaching them that they can access it anytime fills Melissa’s heart with joy. She is excited to continue her education and practice, all the while passing what she learns along to the next generation.


Children's Yoga Instructor

Brenna Kempf is delighted to be a part of such a beautiful community of yogis in MKE! A life-long lover of movement, Brenna has roots in dance and acting. She took her first yoga class while working toward her undergraduate degree in theater, and was immediately impressed with how grounded and tuned in she felt with her body - in a deeper way than ever before. She presently enjoys all types of yoga, including hot vinyasa, yin, restorative, and hatha. Brenna received certification through Kidding Around Yoga in November of 2017, and is so excited to share mindfulness with young people in our city! When not in a studio, you can find her living the hygge life in her cozy apartment while cooking, meditating, or journaling. Brenna is the Associate Academy Director and Director of Next Steps at First Stage.


Adult and Children's Yoga Instructor

Caring and vivacious, Margee Mauney found yoga during her quest for confidence and lower stress levels during her college years. After teaching Children's gymnastics throughout her time in High School, she knew she wanted to continue teaching, especially to kids. After graduating from Marquette University, she decided to take a more hands on approach to helping others, and became a certified yoga instructor with Wild Abundant Life. Her main goal is to empower people of all ages to be confident in themselves and to find peace and joy in their lives through yoga. Margee’s classes combine alignment, community, and positivity, so be ready to leave class feeling blissed out and smiling.


Adult & Children's Yoga Instructor

Kayla discovered yoga as a way to find balance in her hectic schedule and maintain a healthy lifestyle while in college. Now she wishes to share her discoveries of yoga with others, in order to help them find more mindfulness in their lives. Her classes focus on strength, authenticity and the joy of life, allowing you to feel powerful and confident after a class. While not “yoga-ing”, she teaches at First Stage Theater Academy as a teaching artist, sips copious amounts of coffee and expresses herself through art and cooking. She is humbled and delighted to be joining the community at Zen Gen and hopes to meet you soon.


Adult & Children's Yoga Instructor

Annie Wegner LeFort (RYT 200) has been practicing yoga since 2006. She received her Yoga Alliance certification in 2018 at the Yoga Center for Healthy Living in Brighton, MI and also completed a 16-hour Children’s Yoga Teaching certification this spring through Global Family Yoga. She is a member of the local AcroYoga community and also practices Latin and Afro-Caribbean dance with Panadanza in Milwaukee. Annie is a runner and outdoors person and loves any kind of creative movement that helps her explore a full range of motion.  She complements her yoga lifestyle through her background in healthy eating. With degrees in Nutrition and Culinary Arts she’s been involved with local foods in Milwaukee by way of teaching from-scratch cooking/preservation classes and working with local CSAs (community supported agriculture) and farms since 2000.  She is excited to work with adults and young people to help them become more comfortable in their bodies, learn practical relaxation techniques, gain focus and stability, and heal through gentle stretching and meditation.

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Essential Oil Expert & Children's Yoga Teacher Trainer

As a developmental therapist traveling through India in the mid-nineties, Mira was exploring Yoga for her own interest when an ‘aha’ moment changed the course of her professional work. She discovered the practice to be an exquisite way for both children and adults to integrate their sensory experiences while cultivating awareness, balance and openness in both body and mind. It was on her first trip to India in 1995 that she also discovered the potency and potential of essential oils.  Mira Binzen has a degree in child psychology from the University of Minnesota.  She is certified to teach both children and adults, and is registered at the 500-hour level with Yoga Alliance. She is also a certified Yoga Therapist and incorporates aromatherapy into her work with children and families.  Her blend of playfulness and professionalism provides a fun, inviting and informational Aromatherapy environment at the studio that is accessible to all.


Children's Yoga Instructor

Amy arrived on the mat to practice mostly with the intention of getting a muscle building, stretching, and lengthening workout to compliment a vigorous marathon schedule. However, over time turned into something so much deeper and has evolved into a LIFELONG dedication to practice balancing body and mind with mind and spirit. Teacher trained at Core Essence with Shayne Broadwell and Ali Szarzynski in the 200 hour program. They inspired her to explore and challenge herself in order to become the individual that she has always dreamed of. Through breath and movement, yoga not only connects us to the physical body, it also enables us to move inward and connect to the mind. The practice assists us in becoming the best versions of self as well as allows each magical being to harness the power of the universe in order to know, care for, love, and be the best of self. She believes each breath and movement is a gift. Amy's passion is to bring these two golden gifts of life and yoga to children of all ages whose curiosity and unconditional love they express can be a motivation and inspiration for all to follow.  She is currently guiding young children in classes as well as adults when her schedule permits and is looking forward to her journey with Zen Gen Yoga.



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