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As we navigate our new norm, we can explore different ways of connecting & practicing from afar.

Welcome to Zoom Zen Gen Yoga!

Virtual Relaxation

Let one of our soothing instructors guide you back to peace & bliss when you're feeling overwhelmed & stressed.  Instructions will include that of breath awareness, small, mindful movements, and calming meditation for a desired duration of time.  This is a lovely class for a high-energy office, workplace or home.

Virtual Yoga

Bring our signature Hatha Vinyasa Flow to your place of residence via Zoom.   This active and passive yoga class will leave you feeling balanced, refreshed, and centered as students harmonize stretching and strengthening while tuning into their vital life force that is the breath.  Schedule a private for yourself, a group class for your friends & family, or even a reoccurring practice at your home-gym (or living room).  This is also a great class for luxury apartments and condos to book weekly or monthly as it is accessible to most, providing a healthy amenity for tenants - an extra perk to make them commit or continue to lease.

Virtual Kids and Family Yoga

Interested in bringing yoga into your home, school, or place of business for kids and families? Now you can with Zoom Zen Gen Yoga virtual classes catered to children ages 2+, along with moms and dads and any other caretaker(s).  

Virtual Corporate Yoga

Give your employees some much needed stretching and relaxation before lunch as a daytime break or after work allowing them to let go of past 8 hours.   Notice a pep in their step or a day-long smile after just one 30-60 minute zoom session with Zen Gen Yoga and our signature Hatha Vinyasa Flow. 

Virtual Gentle Yoga

Did you know it only takes 45 minutes of exercise per week to help ward off arthritis and maintain healthy joints?  Keep yourself moving at the comfort of your own home or community center with Zen Gen Yoga's user-friendly Virtual Gentle Yoga.  Some benefits of this class include increased muscle strength, greater range of motion with more lubricated joints, improved posture, balance and breathing, and an overall sense of greater well-being.  Classes can be scheduled as privates or group sessions.

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