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Our mission is to offer accessible yoga to our community with various styles of classes -

offered at various locations, including your home w/ our new Zoom Zen Gen Yoga.



Stoke your internal fire and create your own calm with our Hatha Vinyasa Flow allowing you to focus on your breath of victory while you quiet your mind.  Building off the Sun Salutations, this class will balance movement with stillness and strength with stretching offering modifications and amplifications along the way making the flow accessible to any experience level.

Chair Yoga


This stretch based class is intended for the stiffer bodies that no longer move the way they used to.  A chair will be provided for all students as an optional prop.  As movement gets more difficult with age, it gets easier and easier to stay static and still.  However, your body is still craving that movement, even more so, which is why our gentle class is so beneficial.  Similar sequences will be taught weekly so that students can feel safe and confident with their stretching and breathing.

Kid Yoga


Ages 3-6*

This active children's yoga class will engage your child to explore their imagination and creative side. The teacher and children work together to read and create stories that align with yoga poses and sequences. This non competitive environment will open a new door of exercise, relaxation, and relationship building for your child. 


Bridge Pose

Ages 2-3*

This class will be a fun introduction to the world of yoga. We will tell stories, play games, breathe, stretch, and play together. This is a great class for young children and adults to socialize and be introduced to the practice in a gentle classroom environment, all while bonding with parents!

(4 adults total welcome in the classroom) 

Kids Yoga


Ages 7-9*


With a positive and kind environment, this kid's yoga class will help your child explore their inner wisdom and warrior. Each class has a foundation of games, breathing exercises, yoga poses, mindfulness, and short sequences. The older children in the class are encouraged to be role models for the other students. Let your little one come get their giggles out, share good times, and cultivate body awareness.


Teen Yoga

Ages 10-14*

In these teen & tween yoga classes students will experience an upbeat, positive and modern practice. We infuse popular music and build a healthy foundation for your teen to grow. This practice consists of breathing exercises, challenging flows, assist/ adjustments, and deep relaxation. The poses and stretches are supported with straps, blocks, and other props to help their growing bodies and tight muscles from sports. Yoga is extremely beneficial for your teen and encourages a stress free environment along with screen-free relationship building.


Family Yoga

Join your friends and family in this community-style yoga class where families and friends can come together to practice yoga in the same room.  Breath work, physical postures, and unique games will connect all members ages 5+.  Style of class can differ depending on ages and abilities of students attending.


Partner Yoga
Enjoy some tranquility and special bonding time with your sweet baby! This class will focus on postpartum needs for mommy, while maintaining a playful and energetic bond with baby. Learn elements of infant massage and calming breathing practices while experiencing the benefits of movement, aroma therapy, and  connection.  Babies 4 weeks through pre-crawling welcome!

*Age ranges are guidelines.  We know that all kids are different, so if your child is more or less advanced for his or her age group, there is the option to go into a lower or upper age group class.  Please let the teacher/location know ahead of time so he or she can be aware.

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